Beaver Creek News - December 2005

Beaver Creek Restoration Project
Baker Property - Update
On Saturday, November 12, 2005 a new record was set for volunteer participation in a Stream Buffer Planting Project. On the Ann Baker Farm more than 130 dedicated hardworking volunteers planted over 1200 trees, the most ever for a Chesapeake

Bay Foundation event. The fence needs to be put back up with some minor clean up needed and the project will be complete. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a successful project.

Beaver Creek News - September 2005
BCWA received a commendation from the Maryland Dept. of the Environment Forestry Service for the work that has been done on restoring riparian buffers and collecting tree seeds to be used to grow seedlings to be used in further re-forestation efforts.

BCWA has received generous grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Chesapeake Bay Trust, and Maryland Department of the Environment to fund a large stream bank stabilization and habitat improvement project on the Anne Baker property on Beaver Creek. This project will begin in early October. Volunteers will re-plant the buffer once the stream work is completed.

The Center for Watershed Protection has begun a watershed assessment on the Beaver Creek Watershed. Scientists from CWP and volunteers recently surveyed every stream (including small tributaries) in the watershed. A report on the health of the watershed will be compiled over the next few months and results reported out at a public forum this winter. The results of this study will enable us to prioritize our restoration efforts in the future. This study was funded by a generous grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

Beaver Creek Restoration Project
Baker Property - Update
This month the Beaver Creek Stream Restoration Project was awarded a grant of $1250 from the Federation of Fly Fishers Conservation Committee. The Beaver Creek was one of four grants (each $1250) awarded on a national basis. The award was in response to an application submitted by the Antietam Fly Anglers earlier this spring.

The FFF grant will go toward restoring approximately 1700 feet of stream on the Ann Baker property that is immediately downstream from the bridge. This project involves the implementation of a natural channel design to restore Beaver Creek to a more stable form. Design and implementation will focus on adjusting the channel dimension and profile by installing additional rock vanes to permanently fix the channel width and stabilize the banks, thus creating more habitat for fish and other aquatic life forms.

Thanks to Don Fine, VP Conservation MAC/FFF for this article


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