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2017 Outdoor and Fishing show schedules
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March 18 - Creekside Semi-Annual Tyathon
The 16th annual Tyathons will begin with its first 2017 gathering on Saturday at the Ruritan facility in Bedington, WV along highway 11 North out of Martinsburg. For years interested fly tyers and others who enjoy the fly fishing celebrate the sport by convening an open meeting of tyers and use the opportunity to demonstrate the skill and help for those who wish to learn how to tie. The event is free to all and we encourage folks to come and join the group and perhaps gain or improve interest in the fly fishing arts. For questions and/or to confirm attendance. Contact John at either or (304) 263- 5470 (Submitted by John DeMars)

April 23 - PVFF & AFA Youth How to Fly Fish at Fountain Rock Park.
Potomac Valley Fly Fishers and Antietam Fly Anglers will hold its annual Reevil A. Leadbetter Youth Fly Fishing Course at Fountain Rock Nature Center. Youngsters and teenagers, ages 10 through 16, are invited to receive instruction in basic equipment, Fly Casting, Entomology, and stream techniques. Students will have the opportunity to fly fish with experienced fly fishing instructors. This fun program will run from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Lunch will be provided

For additional information please contact: John Brognard 301-371-4205 or email

March 18 & Sept. 16 Creekside Tyathons
Summer float/fishing trip--Do you have any ideas for the trip? Call Darren Wishard and make your suggestions. The trips are always a lot of fun.

April 29 - Fly Casters' Rendezvous

Please contact Bob Davis (see front page) and let him know if you have any suggestions about what you would like to see in this program. Also, Volunteers are needed to help.5

Don't forget our new program, titled Four Under Eight, which is sponsored by the Antietam Fly Anglers (AFA).

The rules of the program are as followers: Four Brook Trout under Eight inches in length must be caught and released in one day by a AFA member, at an altitude over six hundred feet, in two different counties of the State of Maryland. This act must be witnessed by another AFA member. The information of all the facts must be presented to the AFA Board of Directors for confirmation and approval.

Certificates designed by Bob Stouffer will be presented at the next Annual Banquet

AFA additional Activities and Events
The Antietam Fly Anglers provides an active program for members. The activities emphasize the tri-state fisheries and natural resources conservation and angling know how.

The club holds a fly tying roundtable on the first Thursday and a membership meeting on the third Thursday of each month. The meetings are informal and provide a program featuring fly fishing, fly tying, trips, conservation and information concerning the Mid-Atlantic Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers.

Many of the club activities are directed toward field trips and fly fishing shows that the membership participate in. At different times during the year, Antietam Fly Anglers offers its members, at no cost, classes in fly tying, rod building, fly casting and stream entomology.

We need your suggestions!
What activities would you like to have?
Please let Buz know what your interests are.

A Program Chairman is needed to help with the club activities. Step up and give us a hand. Remember, this is your club and it will be what you make it.


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