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If you have information that to share with club members, pass it along to the Newsletter editor and he'll include it or to our web guy.

Also, if you have fishing gear that you would like to swap or sell beyond donating it to the banquet, the newsletter is the place to be. You can post it in the newsletter and the web site without cost, which, of course, is less expensive than e-bay. Just let the editor or web guy know.

Eric Stoup Web Instruction

Mike Saylor provided information on the Eric Stoup Web site. He has been visiting a web site,, and he’s found it very interesting. It’s called, “Face Time Flyfishing”. Eric is a guide from central PA and on the site he has a weekly online show every Wednesday at 12:20 p.m. that has a lot of relevant information for fly fishers that we all could use. He also has a pay-to-view service for which he publishes two videos per week. One comes out Monday on fly tying and the Friday version has stream techniques and other related information.

The site has the information about the cost of the videos, which is currently $10 per month. You might want to give it a try.


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